Kudos from Subscribers

I’ve been a TAAR subscriber for well over 15 years, and wouldn’t miss an issue! As an insurance carrier, I need to stay close to my customers – the independent agents that represent us. No one helps me stay current on agency technology issues better than The Anderson Agency Report!

Bill Alexander, Regional Companies Group, Liberty Mutual Agency Corporation


We have been subscribing to The Anderson Agency Report for at least 10 years (probably more) and I have always relied on your reports to keep me abreast of the latest developments in automation for insurance agents. Any others that I tried looked like they were written for geeks only, and 95% of their content was not insurance related. I also like the idea of not having any advertisers that you can’t say bad things about.

Mac Keasling, PRS Insurance


TAAR consistently addresses topics on the leading edge of agency efficiency. By adapting many of the suggestions addressed, our agency has been able to thrive in a time when others have failed or merged. Thank you Steve for making us uncomfortable.

Ben F. Gorrell, Jr., VP, Rich & Cartmill, Inc.


Of all the magazines, newsletters and emails I get every month—I specifically dedicate time to look at each issue you publish. Your newsletter is educational and informative—but above all—it is easy to get through quickly.

Frank Sheppard, IIAB of SC


I always thoroughly enjoy reading your reports (and read them from cover to cover) and I am often found highlighting items in your articles as learnings! Thanks for all the insightful articles and facts.

Renee Durepos, VP Operations, Keal Technology


TAAR is the most-read publication in our office. From our view, it is the one publication that every agency should read.

Jim Krzywicki, CEO, Treeno Software


Keep up the fantastic work! Your publication saves me time by directing me to services that are appropriate for me and researching and reviewing stuff that is/is not going to help me.

Kyle Dougherty, CIC, Dougherty Ins. Agency, Inc.


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