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  • Agency User Reviews
    Reviews of products and services tried and tested by agents in their insurance agency… either successfully or not!
  • Choosing the Best Agency Management System
    This course details the 5 critical steps an agency must take to make sure they pick the very best agency management system to run their agency. A mistake will cost you thousands of dollars and days of lost productivity. Pick the right system and your profitability will soar! This free course will teach you how.
  • Client Information Security Blog
    Helping organizations protect private client information from the consequences of a information security breach.
    Being able to attach large files to an e-mail to send to someone else is becoming more difficult as organizations place limits on the size of received e-mails. This problem can arise when trying to send a submission to an underwriter or with a client who needs to send you a picture or large spreadsheet. is a Web-based service that streamlines the process of sending and receiving large files.

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