We often come across technology and Internet tips that help solve pesky problems and irritations, or are just plain fun, and we wanted to pass these gems on to readers. Let us know if you have discovered something useful or have a tip that has helped solve a problem, and we’ll share it on this page.

  • Annual Productivity Self-Test
    How well are you currently using technology in your agency? Find out. Take the survey.
  • TechTips
    Steve Anderson’s free weekly ezine highlights one new “thing” that will help your agency increase its productivity and effectiveness. TechTips is short, to the point, and quick to read.
  • ActiveWords
    ActiveWords enables you to work faster and more efficiently by turning everything you type in Windows into actions. ActiveWords relates words and actions to enable instant access to what you want, making you more productive and increasing the quality of your work.
  • 1&1 Web Hosting Service
    From convenient domain packages to feature-packed web hosting plans, virtual private servers, powerful dedicated servers and ready-to-run eShops, 1&1 offers a complete range of web services for every need, every skill level and every budget. We trust 1&1 for our domains – Get yours for $6.12 today!
  • PaperPort
    The single greatest challenge to streamlining document-based processes is the three largely incompatible document formats — paper, Microsoft Office, and PDF — that dominate business documents. PaperPort Professional is the productive, cost-effective way to scan, organize, find, and share all of your paper documents, PDFs, files, and images.
    Get 5% OFF PaperPort 12 – Use Promo Code: ozno8ooyu
    Being able to attach large files to an e-mail to send to someone else is becoming more difficult as organizations place limits on the size of received e-mails. This problem can arise when trying to send a submission to an underwriter or with a client who needs to send you a picture or large spreadsheet. is a Web-based service that streamlines the process of sending and receiving large files.
  • Roboform Password Manager And Form Filler
    Managing multiple Web site passwords is one of the more difficult tasks for agency personnel. While tools like Transformation Station and TransactNOW help with this process, there continues to be many Web sites that your staff goes to daily where each time they have to manually enter User ID and password information. RoboForm is a tool that can help.

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